This weekend I played The Deerwood Club in Kingwood, TX where they filmed many scenes in the movie Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner.
This plaque reads:
"The Movie "Tin Cup" was filmed at the Deerwood and Kingwood Forest Courses in 1995 - On this spot in "Tin Cup", Kevin Costner's character, Roy McAvoy goes for the green on the 72nd hole of the US Open which was played as a par five. When his first attempt goes in the water, he puts any hope of winning the open aside, and tries repeatedly to make the shot. He gets the crowd behind his effort and earns legend status with the gallery when he eventually gets the ball in the hole from this spot for a twelve."
In reality, this hole is #4 (not #18) at Deerwood, and is only a par four. I had a good drive that actually went past this plaque by about 20 yards.... but for the heck of it, I dropped a ball back by this plaque and pulled out my 3-wood, the shot is 224 yards. My first shot had the distance, but was pulled left into the trees. My second shot I stuck right in the center of the green. For the pros these days, a 224 shot they use a 5-iron with no problem. Still a fun hole though, and I made better than a 12! :)