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Member Handicap Last Online
Dean Murphy (Dean Murphy)
25.8 12 hours ago.
Steve Carpenter (Steve Carpenter)
14.8 16 hours ago.
J Dick (J Dick)
9.1 Yesterday.
ryan varela (recoil007)
NH 3 days ago.
Bryan Wilson (GreenReader)
10.4 3 days ago.
NH June 2, 2019
Robert Rizarri (RobbyRiz18)
NH May 28, 2019
Mark Wise (Mark Wise)
13.5 May 27, 2019
Kent Edwards (KMEJKWE)
36.4 May 19, 2019
Joe Blommaert (Joe Blommaert)
8.9 May 18, 2019
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  • Comments (116)

    trsockwell 11/26/2017 7:38:04 PM
    I will assume that most scores are posted using the USHandicap mobile app from a smartphone. If you are using this method to post your scores, then I would advise you to click on the gear to the right of the date when posting the score to set the values correctly. Such as whether the round was Played Alone, Played w/ Member, Tournament Score. The default is for the PWM is set to Yes, but please set it to No if you did not play with a club member. It is each players responsibility to make sure that accurate scores are submitted and these mentioned options are a part of the accuracy in score reporting. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and helps maintain a complaint USGA service, which is a privilege and not a right.

    trsockwell 11/24/2017 10:39:18 PM
    Several accounts that were not paid up to date have been inactivated. You must keep your account current and in good standing to remain an active member. Several accounts that were outside of the required 50 mile radius of zip code 77042 have been set to a non-compliance state. If this has happened to your account, then submit a support ticket to be reassigned to another compliant club within 50miles from your home address.

    trsockwell 11/23/2017 7:44:23 PM
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of our club members. May you have the best of holiday seasons.

    trsockwell 1/15/2017 9:47:43 PM
    The latest copy of the Golf Club newsletter has been uploaded to the Club Files directory.

    Jose Escamilla 11/3/2016 12:01:54 PM
    What can we do to be compliant, I have some round attested by a member of this club, plus posting all of my rounds

    jeff miller 9/12/2016 10:13:26 PM
    Any reason I am not compliant 3645170 is my handicap number

    mikesimmonstx 7/26/2016 1:29:31 PM
    i too am non compliant. Any ideas?

    recoil007 7/9/2016 7:21:57 PM
    Mine also says non compliant. I just renewed my membership before the deadline but it says my club is not compliant.

    jeff miller 5/1/2016 10:09:36 PM
    Why am I non compliant ? Jeff Miller
    Handicap number 3645170

    trucklawyer 4/6/2016 5:17:22 PM
    I should be in compliance?

    trsockwell 3/27/2016 10:51:06 AM
    Be sure to checkout the Golfweek Amateur Tour website. An opportunity to participate in competitive golf events.

    trsockwell 3/27/2016 9:02:46 AM
    We have a stroke play tournament scheduled for 07-May-2016 @ Southwyck Golf Club. Send me a message with your email address if you are interested in participating in these events. If you register early enough, we can make room for a few more players.

    trsockwell 3/5/2016 6:29:05 AM
    The Mar-16 edition of the club newsletter has been posted in the club files section.

    nated06 1/11/2016 3:57:33 PM
    Not sure why im out of compliance again. please help. I can not print a card as my record is not found.

    trsockwell 12/30/2015 12:18:43 PM
    The rule relating to playing alone is now official in the USGA Handicap Manual. Please refer to Section 5-1e(vi).

    Please make sure all of your rounds posted are played with another individual and have your scores verified.
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  • Membership Information
    Club Name: Westheimer Area #042
    Official Name: Westheimer Area #042
    Membership: Public
    Club Type: Club without Real Estate
    National Assn: USGA
    Regional Assn: Texas Golf Association
    Compliant: Yes
    USGA ID: 21904
    Members: 326
    Location: Houston TX

    2019 Revision Schedule
    1/1, 1/15, 2/1, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 4/1, 4/15, 5/1, 5/15, 6/1, 6/15, 7/1, 7/15, 8/1, 8/15, 9/1, 9/15, 10/1, 10/15, 11/1, 11/15, 12/1, 12/15
    Last Revision: Saturday, June 15, 2019

    Season Start: Tuesday, January 1, 2019
    Season End: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

    Club Chair
    Professional Champion
    Handicap#: 2833625