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Jeremey Gentry (Golfer)
NH 3 hours ago.
rblaine60 laine (rblaine60 laine)
16.9 Yesterday.
Charles Farmer (CFarmer)
15.2 2 days ago.
Joseph Harrelson (Joseph Harrelson)
20.5 2 days ago.
( )
0.9 2 days ago.
Doug Dohner (DD)
11.8 June 12, 2019
Judy LaRue (Golfer)
28.9 June 10, 2019
Jerry Bayliff (jayb)
5.5 June 9, 2019
Lee Moody (Lee Moody)
9.2 June 4, 2019
13.7 June 1, 2019
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  • Comments (18)

    Glennehurst 2/22/2016 12:04:18 PM
    Hello Alamance Area #272,
    Hope you where able to get out and play this weekend. The weather was great. Here is a tip to get golf ready for the spring. Everyday swing the club at least 50 times. Do that and you will be ready to go when the days are long and the grass is short.
    Keep it in the short grass,
    Glenn Hurst

    Glennehurst 12/16/2015 3:18:07 PM
    of age or older and enjoy the game of Golf and we putt all balls out no gimmes.Have any guys which would like to join let us know. We also get cut price for the Course(crookedtree).We also keep your handicap for you and pay out eack week to winners, if you have e-mail adress we keep you up to date with the action of the club and if you have problems with sick or etc, we keep you in our prayers and send you cards. Nice club and we have lots of fun.
    Have nice year and hope you have some people that would like to join us on Tuesday for golf just let us know.

    Glennehurst 12/16/2015 3:17:31 PM
    Forwarded from Joseph Harrelson:
    We have a club I play with on Tuesdays at Crooked tree, in Grennsboro and we have about 75 players and have approx. 45 that play each day. The club is called Greensboro Super Senior Gof Club and we have a standand start time of 9:30am on tuesdays at Crookedtree and are always looking for member. The dues for full year is $60.00 and we have three away games which is free for members and we have Cristmas party each year also.
    To become a member you must mahe a total of 35 points on the home course(Crooktree) in three rounds of play. We put $4.00 in the pot and the winners play for the money on each week we play and the pot pay's out approx. 70% of the dollars taking in and the reminder of the money goes to the club to help pay for the away games and the party.We play point system with is Par=2 points and bogey=1 point and less no points, eagle=6 points and birds= 4 points. We are always looking for new members andthe other requirement is must be 55years

    Glennehurst 12/14/2015 1:03:12 PM
    Hello Alamance #272,
    Hope you are playing well and finishing strong for the year 2015. The slow season of golf is upon us however we still get some good days in the Carolinas to get out and play. If at any time you would like to play please let me know. In the coming weeks I will be formulating a club playing plan. I am open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Keep it in the short grass,

    Glennehurst 12/4/2015 8:22:01 AM
    That major rule change effects every one of us who play golf either alone or with someone who does not track their handicap. In the next few days I will be brainstorming for ideas to increase our chances of playing together. Please contact me with your ideas.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Keep it in the short grass,

    Glennehurst 12/4/2015 8:21:19 AM
    Hello All members of the Alamance Club #272,
    My name is Glenn Hurst and I have been a member of the club since 2014. I was asked to Chair the club and oversee future golfing opportunities. I look forward to this chance to connect with you. If you are like me you joined to obtain a verifiable USGA Handicap however beginning Jan. 1 2016 the USGA will be imposing six major changes to the handicapping system, in tandem with the 2016 release of the Rules of Golf. Of note is the inadmissibility of posting solo scores for the purpose of determining a handicap. As of the new year, golfers will not be allowed to count rounds played alone toward their handicap. According to the USGA under Section 5-1: Acceptability of Scores, "this change underscores the importance of providing full and accurate information regarding a player’s potential scoring ability, and the ability of other players to form a reasonable basis for supporting or disputing a posted score." That major rule change effects every

    RoyJenningsJr 3/13/2015 12:23:14 PM
    I'm looking for some regular playing partners. My HI was 14.3 last october. Haven't played since then but attempting to get back to regular play. Walk or Ride, doesn't matter to me. Winston-Salem area

    Glennehurst 7/18/2013 9:31:50 AM
    Where to play a club tournament locally???

    Dermont Dillon 6/25/2013 1:47:18 PM
    Just checked out the Event calendar for our Club and it is empty??? Lets get some tourneys started golfers!

    Dermont Dillon 6/25/2013 1:44:44 PM
    Hello all!!! Just signed up with USHandicap today. I play 3-4 times a week but here lately its been getting hard to find people to play. Just wandering if anyone around the Greensboro/Winston Salem area are looking for people to play or if our Club has any tournaments?

    Jude Cifone 3/6/2013 12:06:49 AM

    So does anyone, who is a part of the Alamance group, have any interest in playing golf with other members????

    Jude Cifone 3/3/2013 3:56:00 PM
    Does anyone with a handicap Under 5 want to Pair up for a round in the Winston Salem area next Sunday the 10th around noon??? I'll buy the round !

    Jude Cifone 3/3/2013 3:55:44 PM
    Does anyone with a handicap Under 5 want to Pair up for a round in the Winston Salem area next Sunday the 10th around noon??? I'll buy the round !

    Jude Cifone 7/2/2012 9:51:07 PM
    And it's a long wait for the revision..damn

    Leah. 6/14/2011 12:10:55 PM
    This is our first Qualifier to win a trip to Vegas! For only $12 you will Spend two nights at the MGM Grand Las Vegas while spending your nights golfing at the Desert Pines Golf Club and/or Royal Links Golf Club! Sponsored by
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  • Membership Information
    Club Name: ALAMANCE Area #272
    Official Name: ALAMANCE Area #272
    Membership: Public
    Club Type: Club without Real Estate
    National Assn: USGA
    Regional Assn: Carolina Golf
    Compliant: Yes
    USGA ID: 29356
    Members: 708
    Location: ALAMANCE NC

    2019 Revision Schedule
    1/1, 1/15, 2/1, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 4/1, 4/15, 5/1, 5/15, 6/1, 6/15, 7/1, 7/15, 8/1, 8/15, 9/1, 9/15, 10/1, 10/15, 11/1, 11/15, 12/1, 12/15
    Last Revision: Saturday, June 15, 2019

    Season Start: Tuesday, January 1, 2019
    Season End: Tuesday, December 31, 2019

    Club Chair
    Glenn Hurst
    Professional Champion
    Handicap#: 3367018