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Back update
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Sad is the word.

I have played one round since Thanksgiving (and this is Florida's prime season). It's 70F every day. Since that time I have been diagnosed with a bulging/herniated disc in my lower back.

My back has hurt everyday since November and it's really just a matter of how much does it hurt on any given day. The one round I played I think I shot an 80. It started with a 37 and on the 10th hole I tweaked my back and should have walked off the course to save further pain but I played through it.

I am doing some physical therapy exercises and occasional chiro appts.
Looking to change how my lower body works in the swing which i am hoping reduces some of the compression elements in my golf swing. I don't have a future tee time but I miss playing the game more than you can imagine. I am getting through this time period by telling myself that before I moved to Florida I couldn't play golf in the winter anyway.

This sucks beyond explanation. I hate that my back hurts. I hate that just when I have a decent day of moderate pain the next day is more intense.

Sorry for the bitch session but I had to vent. I am no "Tiger Woods" but I can certainly identify with him. At this point I believe I could play a round of golf but can't imagine my body putting up with back to back days of golf.
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No kidney stones?? That may be a silver lining.

# 2    2/12/2017 8:13:18 PM   
I just finished about 10 appointments with my chiropractor due to a strain in my neck and a bulging disc in my lower back at about my belt line and lower. Herniated is obviously different than bulging but he had me do an exercise for a bulging disc that really helped.

Lie as if you are going to do a push up. Push up with your arms like a push up but only let your body lift from the waist up. Leave your legs on the floor. Raise up only to the point where you start to feel pain then back off a bit and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat it 15-20 times and do it a few times a day. This fixes me in just a few days.

My problem seems to come back when ever I do any heavy lifting no matter how right I lift. Or when I am moving things while bent over. But the exercise definitely helps me.

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No kidney stones?? That may be a silver lining.

Oh don't get me wrong I have kidney stones too. I am a medical marvel.

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Progress report: I hit 50 balls at the range today with my son. 40 of which were 1/4 swing shots focusing on my new leg/foot work. The final 10 were full speed and 9 of them sucked moose! 9 of them were slices.

This new lower body movement should save my spine from compressing in the downswing. The problem is it's so new my hands leave the club face wide open.

I think I can adjust within a couple of sessions.

The good news is I didn't make my back worse. Although true test is tomorrow.
I am also thinking about dialing down my swing speed when I play. 280 yards off the tee is great, but 250 yards is even better if I can keep from hurting my back. That may be easier to say than do when I see a bunker that i know I can carry.

# 5    2/13/2017 5:21:16 AM   
Just get those glutes firing on all cylinders and you will be back to normal in no time flat. Good health to you.