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Justin Thomas on the 10th.
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A 539 yard par 5.

He only made a 9 on the hole.

1) Drive left into hazard.
2) Shot from hazard back into hazard.
3) Shot from hazard back into hazard.
4) Drop at original entry point.
5) Shank into the right rough, on a bank, across the cart path, and under a tree.
6) Chip back into the fairway.
7) Shot onto and off the back of green into a sprinkler.
8) Chip onto green
9) One putt.

And then his tee shot on the next hole went left into the hazard.

Details at 11.
# 1    6/29/2017 4:56:49 PM   
I watching PGA Live this morning where they were highlighting the 10th hole early. Very few hit the fairway with their drives with a lot of bail outs way right. Those who drew the ball ended up in the hazard. It was brutal watching.

# 2    6/29/2017 9:39:30 PM   
Finished at plus 4 on the day. 17 holes at even, one at plus 4. Crazy game.

# 3    6/30/2017 5:53:23 PM   
In case you missed it.

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