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Golf Ball Buying
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First off, I don't watch CNN.. It was a joke. I know people were kidding. I consider Mongo a friend and I know Dr. Mulligan's is his business. So, kidding is kidding and business is business. With that being said, here is my thought on golf balls:
1. I try not to buy full price golf balls. I play Titleist Pro V1s. (See previous forums on my hate/love relationship with Titleist) They are expensive but if you know what to look for.. one can buy good balls at 1/3 the cost.
2. I'm a big Amazon guy. Love to buy things via Amazon Prime. So, my last purchases have been through AMazon. Now, typically with Prime one doesn't pay shipping. But with 3rd party golf ball companies, no free shipping.
3. Be careful with used golf ball distributors on "refurbished" and "like new" golf balls. They can hurt the performance of the ball.
4. Here is where Dr. Mulligan's separates themselves from all other groups: their categories of balls. See, most companies have multiple groupings of balls; either AA or AAA or Mint or B or C or whatever. Mulligan's has two sections: mint and B. They don't mess with all other crap. They don't do refurbish. They don't mess with a bad golf ball. It's either "mint" which is near perfect or "B" which has pen markings or logos. This is way cool. They also give you other options such as numbers, no logos, or whatever but the integrity of the ball is intact and you know what you are going to get.
5. Now, paying for shipping used to be a deterrent for me. But, if you buy $99 bucks or more, shipping is free. NOw, it's sounds like a lot to buy used golf balls for 100 bucks but keep in mind this will probably be a one time purchase for you all year- unless you buy gifts for other people. But then it hit me: NO ONE PAYS FOR SHIPPING UNLESS YOU BUY A BUTTLOAD OF BALLS. So, that eased my mind as well.

I'm not an affiliate with Mulligan's. I know Jay is a big fan as well. Just letting you know, my next purchase will be with Dr. Mulligan's.

I also have to mention that Don Pierce (Mongo) is a great guy. He does it right. If anything weird happens to your purchase, he will take care of it.
# 1    8/1/2017 1:01:56 PM   
Only reason why I haven't used Dr. Mulligan's lately is because I get golf balls for free now via PGM. If I ever become a head pro, I'll make up for my lack of patronage by advertising Dr. Mulligan's in my golf shop.

# 2    8/1/2017 6:42:26 PM   
I'm a huge fan, for sure. I buy my balls from him all the time. I still have half a dozen left from my last purchase.

# 3    8/1/2017 6:57:52 PM   
Thanks for the review Jon. Just checked year to date sales and just about 94% of orders for 2017 took advantage of free shipping at $99. It's an offer we've used since we started almost 17 years ago. If you're just under that $99 threshold there's always tees, gloves, cleats etc for a few bucks that you can add to your cart to get the free shipping.