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Golf Rule - Marker on Green
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I coach girls golf. A lot of my players play in shorts or skorts that do not have pockets. When they have no pockets, they often toss their ball marker off to the side of the ball when putting. Does this violate Rule 8-2? The rule states that "A mark must not be placed anywhere for the purpose of indicating a line of putt". It is clearly not placed on the green in a particular way and there is no way that it is indicating a line of putt.
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# 1    9/16/2017 7:45:18 PM   
I doubt it would be a problem, but if you worry about it, tell the girls to get a magnetic marker holder that clips onto their hat or visor. There are some that clip on a shoe too. I always found the shoe ones weird, but it serves the purpose as well. I used a ball marker holder attached to my hat for quite a while... until I lost it.