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Any interest?
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I'm a big fan of golf vlogs on YouTube, especially Rick Shiels and Peter Finch where they go out and play a round and break it down into easy to watch 3 hole vlogs.
I'm thinking of doing something similar (actually ripping off the exact format, lol). Witty banter, different courses every week, shot tracer, etc., except from a PGA instructor point of view, it would be me and another mid handicapper.
Be honest, would that be something worth watching?
# 1    11/3/2017 6:31:35 AM   
I'm a fan of Rick Shiels equipment reviews and all the data he provides. Like his stuff a lot. I also like Mark Crossfield for his game improvement vids.

I'm game for anyone that can keep my interest. Go for it!

# 2    11/7/2017 10:25:59 AM   
Sure. What also might be interesting is different course management strategies between the 2 players. What a better player is and should be considering and what the mid handicapper is and should be considering. I think that the mental side / course management is where a lot of strokes can be saved

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