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Has it sprung for you? (Are local courses open yet?)
# 1    3/28/2018 6:09:28 AM   
Open but soggy.

# 2    3/28/2018 6:59:42 AM   
Local courses keep sending out emails and other notifications that the snow is gone and are now open for play, every time they do it snows again! Dear local courses, kindly shut up about it. We're golfers, we'll figure it out on our own. Stop throwing down the gauntlet in nature's face. Its not working out!!

# 3    3/28/2018 11:16:23 AM   
You would have thought this time a month ago Kentucky was transitioning from April to May; not February to March. We had a couple days where it crept above 80, but the bad days for like a week's stretch were low 60s and some rain. Nothing major. Then a couple weeks later the state got hit by I think 3 different snow storms. I'd really like to think that's over with now.

Don Freeman
Professional Champion
# 4    3/28/2018 7:35:37 PM   
Already too hot to play here in south Florida.....

Professional Champion
# 5    4/3/2018 4:09:30 PM   
I got 13 rounds in by the first week of March then Mother Nature got cruel.. It's April 3rd and none of the courses have been able to touch the greens yet

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