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How to post distance
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A question about posting distance for stats. do you just use driver distances to post? or every club off the tee? and do you use the balls that hit the fairways only or all shots off the tees? just wondering how the pros get their stats for distance.
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I don't know how the pros do it but I use my gps watch. Note the distance on the tee then subtract the yardage from the the second shot. If the hole is 350 and the second shot is from 150, the drive was 200. If the hole was say 420 and I'm lying 150, it's probably not my ball. This only works on straight away holes for me, my gps is giving a straight line yardage to the hole so doglegs don't work. I generally only use fairway hits for yardage also.

You can use the stat any way you want. If you were to track all your shots, over time, you can start to chart yardages for any of your tee ball clubs.

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