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Practice vs play
Chris Sassano
Professional Champion
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How often do you spend time working on you game. I enjoy practice just as much as playing. Growing up my dad who taught me the game never practice and played really well for not practicing. Are you a player mostly, or practice as much as you play, and why? There are so many ways do improve your game...just wondering......?
# 1    4/22/2018 5:08:15 PM   
I would LOVE to practice more but unless I have no other family obligations for the weekend or even during the week or on a rare occasion like this weekend where the wife is away then the only practice I get is at the course a few minutes before tee off. There's simply not enough extra time for me to be away from home or to arrive at the course and get in 30 mins practice.

Professional Champion
# 2    4/22/2018 8:55:38 PM   
I have no reason not to practice.I have all kinds of time. I have a range within two minutes of my house and probably only stop there a couple times a year. I also drive past another range almost every day. I'm Just not serious enough about my golf game. I play golf for the fun of it.That's probably why I've never been better at it. I have hit balls indoors over the winter about five or six times.

# 3    4/22/2018 9:55:34 PM   
When I started I spent a lot of time practicing. I really wanted to improve. This lead to improvement, but lots of broken clubs.

I decided to change my approach to the game and learn to enjoy the time regardless of my performance.

I'd like to practice more but there are only so many hours in the day.

Oddly enough I've found that I play my best when I'm relaxed and just happy to be out there.

Don Freeman
Professional Champion
# 4    4/22/2018 10:57:33 PM   
If one does not practice between rounds of play, then one can only improve so much. There are those who say that practice is good, but playing can only help to improve your scores. I agree. But that does not mean to abandon your practice. I rarely play. But I can always score under 85 on most any course. Sometimes in the upper 70's. When I used to play 3 times per week, and also practice at the range 3 times per week, I used to score in the mid to low 70's. So yes, playing helps. But in my opinion, if you don't take the time to try new shots and bury them into muscle memory at the range, then you will never be successful with them on the course.

# 5    4/23/2018 11:12:38 AM   
I don't enjoy practicing much anymore. The only time I'll hit balls at a driving range is if it's for a warm-up prior to a round where it's been over a week since I last golfed. Hitting the same shot to the same several targets just doesn't do it for me anymore. I need to be hitting shots on a golf hole to be interested, and that catches 100% of my interest. After I passed my PAT two years ago, it's been my mindset ever since. So, in conclusion, if it's not for a warm-up, or me giving a lesson to somebody, I will not be found at the range.

# 6    4/23/2018 11:48:04 AM   
I try to make it to the range once sometimes twice a week. It doesn't cost me anything extra due to the golf plan at my course. I try not to overdo it so my elbow doesn't get all in an uproar. What I really need is to spend hours and hours on my short game. All those little greenside chips and pitches end up costing me a ton of strokes. My putter usually settles down after a couple of rounds in the Spring but an hour or so on the practice green helps from time to time. I enjoy my practice time almost as much as playing, a little peace and quiet outside in the sun. Helps the game and the inner peace!

# 7    4/23/2018 12:07:39 PM   
When I go to the range it is most to try and find something with a club I am having trouble with. When I got to play at least once a week, I found my game was in much better shape then just a range session here or there and then get a round in.

Lee Cummins
# 8    4/26/2018 4:28:11 PM   
The course I grew up on never had a range to practice on so like Chris my dad which was a pretty good golf was my teacher. Now as a adult I rarely go to a range but I do hit some balls before my rounds to loosen up.i do need to go to a putting green more cause that the weak part of my game.

Bob P
# 9    4/29/2018 1:43:27 PM   
I try to practice and sometimes it helps, mostly though I find I think to much and change things to much, kind of like when you watch to many videos and you go out and think to much during setup and blow shots. I do try to go hit 10, 15 balls before I plat just to stretch and get those opening bad shots out so I don't have to be getting warmed up during say 1-4

Professional Champion
# 10    5/11/2018 2:50:37 PM   
Never. Roll up to the first tee with a Guinness and a Cigar, rattle off a 68, gather the cash and head back poolside.

Chris Sassano
Professional Champion
# 11    5/28/2018 3:00:03 PM   
Awesome feedback, golf is is all about the individual and what works for that person. So many ways to improve your game. Knowing your swing and your game is key. God bless those all who have served USA ????