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Up & Downs postings
Kenne Thomas
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Have been playing for 2 years next month. I signed onto US Handicap shortly after to try to establish a handicap for my home course tournaments. Just recently I have really been getting into my stats and looking at front 9 vs. back 9, par 4's par 5's etc.... since I have begun to play about 4-5 days a week and want to see how I am improving & where my struggles are.
I understand that an up & down is getting onto the green and one putting from there.
1st question is? Do I track one putting for par or any score?
2nd question is? If I do one putt I consider the up & down a hit, but if I don't do I record it as a miss or does it automatically put in a miss if it is more than one putt. Just wondering how accurate my Scrambling percentage is & if it will be more accurate if I record every hole with more than one putt as a missed Up & Down?
Thanks for any help.

Kenne T.
# 1    4/23/2018 5:00:01 PM   
The up and down definition is discretionary. You'll hear an up and down is for "any" score or for "par only". You'll also need to enter your up and downs on your own as the system doesn't do it for you. GIR's are kept automatically.

Personally, I don't track everything available to me in the stats. It gets to be overload. I just record stats on FW hit, left, right, short or long and putts on each hole. I used to record distance of first putt but it got to be too much data entering and tracking during the round. Some others here do more, some do less.

Jim Douglass
# 2    4/24/2018 1:10:40 PM   
Mongo has your answer pretty well covered.

The system will not automatically determine if you had an up and down based on your score and the putt values. It's up to you to enter those, and again up to you if you have to make a par for it to count.

--Jim, GolfNet / US Handicap

Mongo68 Jim Douglass