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Us vs pros
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Pros play on immaculate golf courses manicured to perfection. They rarely have to take a stroke for a lost ball, with helpers out in the ruff finding it for them. Sometimes even putting up little red flags. oh did I mention crowd line blockade, TV cameras. When were out on them 85-95 degree days sweat dripping down in our eyes, and when we turn to reach for a towel theirs no one there to hand you one. Pros putt on greens that are perfection. Most greens we putt on dribbles to hole. Oh and have you notice how flat it is around the cup for the pros. perfectly flat. Around the cups on the many courses I play, it looks similar to a volcano, a 1 foot putt is definitely no given. So my thought is we should have rules for us amateurs. We should have the same conditions the pros have. No penalty for lost ball in rough, always a good lie in fairway. And if sweat drips in your eye and blinds you, and you miss hit, hit another no swing. Take your foot and flatten out that volcano around the cup. Oh and we rarely hit the driving range before a round, So the round don't officially start till a nice drive off the first tee. So go out there and play like the pros do. enjoy the game.
# 1    6/8/2018 8:13:51 AM   
Personally, I'd rather the pros just play the same courses and conditions we do. Make it fair all around!

# 2    6/8/2018 11:45:10 AM   

Personally, I'd rather the pros just play the same courses and conditions we do. Make it fair all around!

I, 2nd it, Love to see the Pro's playing the same golf course's & conditions, we do. Pro's, looking for their own golf balls, etc, That would be Awesome.
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# 3    6/8/2018 10:02:46 PM   

I'd rather the pros just play the same courses and conditions we do.

They do / can play on the same courses we do, but that doesn't make for good TV. Immagine the cameras at Crooked Creek with the announcer saying "Now, we go to Jason Day on the #15 green, oh.. there is a man peeing in the woods"

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# 4    6/10/2018 12:15:25 AM   
Haha to funny lol. Course officials would be hounded. 8 hr. round lol. Some would storm off the course with golfer rage. $ 1000.00 clubs would be broken. lol.

# 5    7/11/2018 12:03:39 PM   
I used to play the ball down, no matter, as that's the game of golf. Then I watched in person at a pro tournament where they had perfect conditions and were still given lift, clean, and place. Total BS. I understand when that rule should be used, and it did not apply here. If I'm playing a handicap round, I'll play it right, but if I'm playing the neighbor for money, I move it. No reason to punish myself more than the pros.

# 6    7/27/2018 2:10:46 PM   
While it'd be funny watching the pros hunt for balls and deal with the same conditions we do, I would most enjoy watching them deal with a heckling course marshall telling them to speed up the pace of play.

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