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Tee it back?
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Been playing from the tips lately and it's been helping my scores. Seems counterintuitive doesn't it? After analyzing yesterday's round a clear pattern appeared.

Tee shots.
On holes 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, and 14 I missed the fairway by just a little. On each of them if I had been playing a forward tee I would have been either in water, fairway bunker, behind trees, or OB. Instead I was just short of trouble.

Par 5's.
I didn't get in trouble going for it in 2.

Par 4 approach shots.
Had a number of long iron shots come up short of the green and the green side bunkers. Chipping from good lies really helped get a lot of one putts.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
# 1    6/29/2018 4:11:31 PM   
It makes sense. Although I don't think I'd reach any par 5's in 2. I have enough trouble getting there in 3. I prefer to play back a little as it takes the FW bunkers out of play most of the time. If you've got a good short game then coming up short on par 4's is no big deal when you can chip it close.

# 2    6/29/2018 5:13:13 PM   
You Da Man! Next time we play and you play from the tips I will give you that added incentive of yelling Mash Potato or Get in the hole just to inspire you.

# 3    6/29/2018 8:49:47 PM   
FYI I'm getting anywhere from 245-280 with driver, depending on the layout of the hole. Even with a drive of 250 I'm only out 175 on a 425 yard par 4. Driver-4wood on a par 5 gets me in the 500 yard range on par 5's.

I'm not a monster, hell I can't even hit my 5I 200, much less 210....

Lee Cummins
# 4    6/30/2018 8:22:57 AM   
You guys can have the tips and I’ll play from 6400 or less.

Don Freeman
Professional Champion
# 5    6/30/2018 9:58:19 AM   

You guys can have the tips and I’ll play from 6400 or less.

That's like what the Leper said to the prostitute. Keep the tip.

# 6    6/30/2018 10:25:13 AM   
Glad you finally graduated to the Big Boy tees. Maybe you’ll stop drinking Light Beer too.

# 7    7/2/2018 6:45:52 AM   
I've also found that there's something to playing a longer distance and getting some better scores. For a while it was because I was strangely more accurate and precise with my mid-irons up through my 5 wood than I was with wedges through short irons. I actually remember thinking about posting a forum topic about it when I was noticing this and thought "Meh, this is dumb, no one else is gonna feel the same way."

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