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NGT Tournament
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So, if we did have a "NGT Inviational", I think this is how it would go down: Despite all the handicaps, I believe, except for two people, the playing field would be fairly level. The two I'm talking about are Ethan and Jay. I think they are a cut above the rest of us. Ethan is a PGA professional and Jay played college golf. Now, I would want head to head matches- we could use handicaps for seeds. Based upon seeds, we go with match ups. Match Play. But, if one loses, he goes to a losers bracket and just keep playing. We can still play foursomes if wanted, just keep up with scores. Now, the next day, we could play twosomes. Something like Ryder Cup format.

Another food for thought, each person gets "funny money" not real money but like monopoly money at beginning of each day. Place bets, do games, whatever.. calcutta, skins, wolf, pushes, side bets.. whatever.. the guy with most money at end of day, wins..
# 1    12/11/2018 7:06:11 PM   
If I play WITH Cog, it will level the playing field... because I will shoot in the 80s.

# 2    12/11/2018 7:55:05 PM   
My current group play quarter skins with carry overs (must par to win), 50 cents a stroke, and $5 birdie on 18. Not high stakes but it's nice to be handed money (at least that is what they tell me)

# 3    12/12/2018 9:13:33 AM   

If I play WITH Cog, it will level the playing field... because I will shoot in the 80s.

This made me laugh. If we put Don in the same group you're bound for the 90s. I seem to have a pattern of raising my game when I play with people on here, so I don't feel like I'm in a top two with Jay, but I'll take it.