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Golf Instructor Chandler AZ
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I am looking for a golf instructor in the Chandler AZ area. I am a 11 handicap and trying to get under 10 and have hit a wall.
# 1    1/6/2019 9:25:18 PM   
Do you play blades?

# 2    1/6/2019 10:22:12 PM   
My irons are Taylormade P790 fit by hotstix golf last spring

# 3    1/6/2019 10:56:41 PM   
Wow, those are nice irons but that is a lot of club for a 10-11 Handicap. As you review your rounds where do you see the extra stroke coming from? Errant tee shots?
Mishit approach shots?
Bad chipping and putting?
Inconsistent distance control?

# 4    1/7/2019 10:15:34 AM   
Have you tried any local instructors already? I know there are lists of instructors on a few of the golf magazine sites. I just kept trying different guys until I found a few I liked and go back to as well as a couple others that just didn't quite tune in. I feel like it's a pretty individual decision.

Don Freeman
Professional Champion
# 5    1/7/2019 11:49:54 AM   
If you're inclined to make the trip to California, you might look up LarryRSF. He is awesome. Just ask him......

# 6    1/7/2019 12:31:45 PM   
In all seriousness, do you think the problem is your swing or course management?

# 7    1/7/2019 7:08:34 PM   
80 % of errors are from bad course management. I think Vince offers excellent advice.

I can teach you how to miss an Up and Down from 30 yards.

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