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Close up of the Par3. If the image quality isn't reduced too much by USH, you should be able to see the two white dots already on the green near the pin.

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Comments (6)

JayPet April 18, 2017
I like the action shot. Nice hole

HIGH_LANDER April 16, 2017

A swing that stays in the groove.
Long drives straight onto the greens.
And always the perfect putt.

HIGH_LANDER April 16, 2017
I, see the 2 white dots on the green, and the 3rd golf ball mid air. who took the photo? did an Awesome job.

HIGH_LANDER April 16, 2017
Looking like a Tour Pro.

HIGH_LANDER April 16, 2017
Nice Photo, no way, it's an AWESOME Photo.

LyinLewis April 16, 2017
Nice photo

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