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Very tough tee shot from the black tee box.....if you don't move the ball right to left at will.

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HIGH_LANDER July 14, 2017
Play it like a Tour Pro.

cogolfer1 July 14, 2017
I made a very ugly par here, that was balanced out 2 holes later when I made a snowman. There's a tee box where the Webdotcom guys play from that's by the "1994" on the bottom left of the picture. That'd be an easier shot for us to hint, despite the fact it adds 30-40 yards to the hole.

njgolfer July 14, 2017
So what you are telling us is that the both of you needed a nature call on that hole.

Vincedaddy845 July 14, 2017
I hooked my tee shot into the left trees. COG hit a straight shot and missed into the trees on the right.

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