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Needed par on the final hole (par 3) to break 80 for the first time at Etowah Valley. Stuck an 8 iron to 1 foot from 176 yards out. Even had a gallery of lodge guests on their balconies.

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HIGH_LANDER August 9, 2017

Joe Don! August 9, 2017
Really! It's been 2 have not putted this out yet?

njgolfer August 9, 2017

gj24 August 9, 2017
Congrats! 8-iron 176...strong..I'm hitting 8 iron 150 you Silverback gorilla~

Egor August 8, 2017
I had a clutch in my old Camaro.

Scott Harris August 8, 2017
Animal ....

JayPet August 8, 2017
I would've jarred it. (I'm just saying...)

LyinLewis August 7, 2017
Is this true? Congrats!!! Freaking awesome!

Mongo68 August 7, 2017
...and all the fivesomes and sixsomes finishing ahead of you gave a rousing round of golf claps.

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