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N/A. Not so good..

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dmpcoco99 January 10, 2018
not good

Mongo68 January 2, 2018
Turns out I was looking at the wrong thing on my handicap email. I also have an "n/a" handicap. The Titanic has hit the iceberg!

HIGH_LANDER January 1, 2018
Hello, I, just got an email and shows my Handicap N/A

Mongo68 January 1, 2018
Interesting. When "I" view your profile it shows a handicap. It also shows handicaps for your club members. Also when I view "my" handicap it does NOT show n/a. Probably because we are an active and compliant club that has followed all the USGA compliance requirements and took all the necessary questionaires. I suspect this could be the beginning of the end. They probably overlooked the aspect of the emailed handicap updates but were able to finagle the programming so it "appears" that you have a handicap when in fact it's not valid. Nice try, USHandicap! Let the mass exodus begin! See you at The Grint!

njgolfer January 1, 2018
I got the same message. Armageddon has arrived.

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