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Was sitting at a light and saw a tractor trailer coming in the opposite direction. But I noticed the trailer was leaning more and more, then it went over. Full of trash and all over the road and trolley tracks.

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JayPet January 11, 2018
If he used the breakdown lane, this wouldn’t have happened

dmpcoco99 January 10, 2018
What a load

Mongo68 January 10, 2018
Jay this was about a block away from the Double Tree you stayed at with the family 2 years ago.

JayPet January 10, 2018
I’d use 3W for the next shot

njgolfer January 9, 2018
Good thing it leaned right.

HIGH_LANDER January 8, 2018
Glad no one got hurt. I, thought you were gonna say FULL OF SNOW.

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