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Kid on the golf course selling premium quality used golf balls. Nice kid, good manners, bright future. So different than my normal supplier.

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cogolfer1 February 13, 2019
This seems like a poor Breaking Bad spinoff

JayPet February 6, 2019
You should report him to the state for not having a business license

njgolfer February 5, 2019
A future 1%er who will be taxed 70%.

Vincedaddy February 3, 2019
For the record, I bought 2 balls from the kid. I used one on that hole and hit my best drive of the day.

Mongo68 February 3, 2019
I feel very betrayed and butthurt over this. I'm keeping the Diablo Tours and selling them for 2x what I was giving them to you for. I'm taking the tastykakes back and getting sour grapes flavor.

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