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Member Handicap Last Online
7.5 7 hours ago.
N/A 10 hours ago.
Jon Warren
14.7 15 hours ago.
11.4 Yesterday.
14.1 Yesterday.
Michael Dean
9.0 Yesterday.
N/A 2 days ago.
Greg Kulbick
10.0 3 days ago.
17.8 October 17, 2017
Frank Medeiros
14.6 October 16, 2017
Alek Babel
9.8 October 16, 2017
17.7 October 16, 2017
Michael Burnham
7.7 October 9, 2017
Brendan Carey
12.0 October 7, 2017
Danny Pearson
N/A September 25, 2017
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  • Comments (51)

    Michael Dean 3/2/2015 4:08:18 PM
    Looking forward to getting my index up in the 20s and getting some STROKES!!!

    Troy Erickson 3/2/2015 1:20:49 PM
    The US Handicap National Get Together will be in Orlando this year. Would be cool to see some THPers in the field.

    Troy Erickson 2/13/2015 9:55:33 AM
    Joined a club here in Jax that uses this site for monthly tournaments and handicap tracking for its members.

    Glad to find the THP group!

    Mountain Slicer 2/4/2015 6:20:14 AM
    Good to see my members of THP joining in here, it's so easy to track your game and print off a card when you need one.

    Bullfrog 2/3/2015 7:55:27 PM
    Had to join my THP brethren to keep my handicap on here!

    Grins 1/14/2015 10:34:37 PM
    Just signed up for my first official HC! I'm looking forward to playing with a lot of THPers this year - and to bringing that 24.8 way down!

    Mountain Slicer 1/4/2015 7:40:27 AM
    Just checking to see how many have on board for their handicap. I really enjoyed watching mine in 2014, I had a few problems that I hope to over come in 2015 and look forward to meeting some THP members face to face on the course.

    Just_Hacking 1/3/2015 6:25:31 PM
    Just got a paid membership so I am officially a bad golfer!!!

    tpluff 4/15/2014 3:24:50 PM
    Scores just opened up to us in Michigan today after a 2 week delay. Greeted with 3 inches of snow. Eff off weather, I got an outrageously high handicap to post!

    Joe Lucarelli 4/7/2014 12:08:40 PM
    2 more scores until I am official!

    Alex Boys 4/7/2014 9:16:07 AM
    Just purchased this today and put my three rounds in. Can't wait to get it trending the right way.

    mmaynard11 3/19/2014 11:56:46 PM
    Let's get it going!!!

    Michael Dean 3/19/2014 10:01:21 AM
    10 More days until our season officially begins, cant wait!!

    Nathaniel Biro 2/22/2014 7:11:30 PM
    Whats up, fellers

    Jack Haner 1/17/2014 11:22:06 PM
    hey guys. planning on playing a poopton of OGA tourny's this year so gotta get an index!
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    Membership: Public
    Group Type: Golf League
    Members: 107
    Home of THP on US Handicap.
    Group Admin
    Steve Bigtazz Rayburn
    Professional Champion
    Handicap#: 2985115