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I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
If you forgot your password, you can request a new one here: Password Request, and you will receive a new one via email.
Please make sure to check your Bulk Mail folders as the email we send you will occaisionally get labeled as spam.
If you still do not receive a new password via email, you can call our office at (910) 215-8800, M-F 8am-5PM EST.
Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

How do I change my password / email address?
Update here: Account Settings.

New Memberships / Registration
What are the memberships available, and where can I upgrade?
We offer annual premium memberships in Silver and Gold packages.
To view the benefit of each and to upgrade, go to: Memberships.

GolfSmith: I have already paid for my handicap through GolfSmith.
If you paid for your handicap through GolfSmith, you automatically have a Silver Membership for your USGA Handicap.
You can login to this site with your existing password to access your account. If you forgot your password, you can request a new one here: Password Request.

GolfCard Pro iPhone/Android App User Registration
GolfCard Pro (available for iPhone and Android) integrates with this network of sites (ie:,,, etc.). You can set up a new account through the app or on this site to access the same information.

USGA Handicap / RCGA Factor
My tournament director will only take a GHIN number??
In order to play in a handicapped event, you need to have a USGA licensed handicap index. GHIN is just one of the computation services that facilitates this like this site does as well. When you upgrade to a handicap through this site, you can being placed in a licensed "golf club" within 50 miles of your zip code... all of our compliant clubs can be found on the USGA's website.

GHIN powers the computation for some state golf associations (not all of them) via private country clubs. From time to time, if you are playing in a tournament at a club that uses the GHIN service for their members.. the tournament director might not be educated on the fact that GHIN is not the only USGA licensed service for handicaps. If you are having an issue, your tournament's director is welcome to call us @ (910) 215-8800 or the USGA directly to verify your club's compliance and your index.

Tournament directors can look up your scores/handicap from this site by your name or USHandicapID here: Golfer Handicap Look-up

Why do I need a USGA Handicap? I can do it myself in a spreadsheet. Isn't it the same?
When you are a member of one of our local clubs licensed with the USGA, your handicap becomes "official". The process is driven be peer-review through our clubs that host annual tournaments.

Many of our customers establish a handicap here because they need an official handicap to enter a tournament at a golf club.

Please beware of other sites that promise you a "handicap", without complying with the USGA's system of local golf clubs for peer review; they risk litigation from the USGA for infringing on their marks, and you could lose all your score if/when the site is shut down.

So I have to pay to have a handicap? Is it official with the USGA?
You can post scores here for free to obtain a "scoring average". In order to have your rounds calculated into an "official" USGA Handicap through one of our licensed clubs, you must have at least a Silver Membership. Upgrade here: Memberships.

The handicap system/formula is proprietary to the USGA. We work directly with the USGA to ensure your handicap is compliant with all aspects of the USGA Handicap System.

I've posted scores, where is my handicap?
In order to have a valid USGA Handicap, you must have a premium membership, join one of our USGA Clubs and post at least 5 rounds. To read more about this process, read here: USGA Clubs.

I already joined a USGA Club and my handicap is still not displayed.
First, make sure the club you joined is compliant (check the club page to see if the club is compliant). If the club is compliant, you must have at least 5 rounds posted (all posted prior to the last revision date) before a handicap is calculated. Each of the 5 rounds must have slope and rating.

What if there are no compliant golf clubs in my area?
You can join a "pending" club in your area. Contact the chairman (chairman's name is listed on the right side of the club page) and ask the status of the club. If there are no pending clubs for your area, you can create a new one and start recruiting other users on your way to becoming compliant. Let us know if you are interested by submitting a ticket.

If you are paid member without a club to join, we will extend your account as long as it is needed until you can get an index.

Where can I print out my handicap card?
If you have a valid USGA Handicap, you will be able to print your handicap card from the My Game page by clicking the "Print Handicap Card" link on the column on the left side of the page.

How often is my handicap updated?
Handicaps are updated with each revision date. Typically, most state golf associations update handicaps twice a month. To find your revision schedule, go to your golf club page. (The revision schedule is on the right side of page)

Posting Scores
My scores are missing!
We never erase scores, ever!

If your scores are missing from your account, the probable cause is they may be under a different account. Some of our users accidentally create multiple accounts with different email addresses. Try to log in with a different email address and see if your scores are listed. Also, try and search for your golfer profile. If you see multiple profiles listed with your information, then you have multiple accounts. If this is the case with you and you need us to merge the data from two accounts, submit a ticket for this section here.

How do I edit a score?
Next to each score are "Edit" and "Delete" links. Scores are listed on this page: My Handicap/Game Page

How to Have Your Scores Attested
Once you have entered your score you click submit.

Option 1:
You will then be sent to a new page to enter the name and email address of the person you played with to attest your score.

They will be sent an email with a link to click on to attest your round.

Option 2:
If you have a friend's on the site you can click on the drop down menu to select your friend's name. They will get a message on their home page to attest your score.

If you still have questions send a support ticket on this page.

Billing / Orders
Membership Cancellations
To cancel your auto-renewal, please submit a request to customer support.

Other Orders
For any other questions about an order, you can submit a ticket here or call our office at (910) 215-8800, M-F, 8am-5PM EST.

Golf Promotions & Certificates
I can't print the Promotions!
If you can't see the Promotions for a golf course, you may not be signed in. If you are signed in, check back in about 20 minutes, as the promotion may be newly listed.
Also, you must be at least a Gold Member to access promotions. To learn more about our membership packages, read here
If you still cannot print Promotions, please submit a support ticket and we'll look into the problem.

I operate a golf course. How can I post promotions on this site?
Please contact us by sending in a support request.
We'll send you information about our current opportunities. Start increasing the rounds played at your course now!

Golf Certificates
Only premium members are allowed to purchase golf certificates on this site. Each member is limited to a total of 4 certificates each month.

Golf Course Information
How do I add a new course to the database?
There are over 30,000 world wide golf courses in our database. Chances are, the course you are looking for is already listed. Try using the Golf Course Search, or use the Golf Course Directory to help locate the course you are looking for. For best results, search the name of the course (minus golf club or country club) and the city.

My course's scorecard is incorrect?
If the scorecard is incorrect, when posting a score, the second step (selecting a tee), be sure to select "Tees not listed or incorrect". There you will be prompted to enter the correct scorecard information.

The information you enter is saved so the next time you post a score you will not need to re-enter the tee data.

Other Website Bugs / Issues
I found a bug/error on this site, how do I report it?
If you are having a problem with the site that does not fit into one of the topics above, please submit a ticket in this section.

I want to report abuse/spam from another user.
Please submit a ticket in this section.

StrackaLine / George Lucas Yardage Books
Where can I purchase a yardage book?

The store is located at

For questions about the Yardage Books please send an email to

When will I recieve my purchase?
We usually get book/box orders in the mail within 3 business days. To request overnight shipping, check on the status a shipment, or inquire about international & bulk shipment rates, you can call our office at (910) 215-8800.

Advertising / Business Development
How can I advertise on this site?
Please visit our corporate site: for more information.

I have a business development inquiry/request.
Please visit our corporate site: for more information.